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Put your business intelligence on display.


Presenting data better helps you to be professional, cutting edge, and clear. Everyone can learn to present data that is easy to read and conveys a powerful point.


We are data fanatics. Our mission is to save the world from ugly and confusing charts.


The new Chart Chooser cards will help you put your business intelligence on display. These cards help simplify, clarify and amplify the way you create visual data. Now each chart will become a powerful beat in your story.







Charts that show what you’re saying.


Can anyone look at your chart and see what you are trying to communicate with the data? If you can frame the data differently you can get people to think about the data differently. Chart chooser cards help you hone your Information design and data visualization skills.


▾ Chart Chooser Cards offer a suite of graphing options.


▾ Finding anomalies, correlations, proof, targets and trends.


▾ Annotations, Axes, Color, Headline, Legend, Lines, Precision.








Give a brain a break

If your data is presented in a visually appealing way the brain will process it quickly and discern how important it is.


“What vision does is find concepts. That’s what the brain is doing all day long — trying to understand what we’re looking at,” says Mary Potter, an MIT professor of Brain & Cognitive Sciences.

▾ Click to see how your brain ‘looks at’ a chart.



Our brain applies filters to determine whether information is important. If it is worthy it will continue through the process. Successful data visualization happens when our eyes can discern and our brains can understand.







The world runs on Excel and PowerPoint.


With over 750 million users worldwide, Microsoft Excel is the traditional tool of choice for presenting and analyzing data.


Grade school kids learn Excel in class and are taught bar charts, line graphs and bar charts. High School kids use it for lab reports, college kids visualize school loan debt, financial advisors present your retirement journey. Many business professionals use Excel to perform everyday functional tasks and rely on Excel for decision support.


Chart Chooser cards help you put your business intelligence on display. With Chart Chooser cards, people like you (and 750 million other Excel users!) can present data that is easy to read, conveys a powerful point, and starts a conversation.








Dr. Stephanie D. H. Evergreen

Research nerd turned information designer.

Stephanie Evergreen is a sought after speaker, designer, and researcher. She is a leader in the data visualization field. Known for her research-based approach to better communication through more effective graphs and slides.
She holds a PhD in interdisciplinary research. Her dissertation was on the extent of graphic design use in data reporting. Stephanie’s interdisciplinary focus contributes to her success in promoting data visualization. She trains audiences worldwide and has published two books. “Presenting Data Effectively: Communicating Your Findings for Maximum Impact” and “Effective Data Visualization: The Right Chart for the Right Data”.

Gavin McMahon

PowerPoint obsessive Visual Thinker.

Gavin is a senior partner and co-founder of fassforward Consulting Group where he advises Fortune 100/500 companies on business strategy. He brings a unique perspective on growth and innovation to his clients driving outcomes, traction, and results.
Gavin has worked in the defense, automotive, publishing, IT research, and manufacturing industries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. An MBA in Strategy, Innovation and Information Technology from the THESEUS Institute in France. He is a Sainsbury Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.